Cinesamples Sew What KONTAKT
Cinesamples Sew What KONTAKT | 657 Mb

Here is one of the most unique percussion libraries you'll hear. We sampled nearly every sewing item you can imagine - pitched and non-pitched, from sewing machines and knitting needles to buttons, cloth, and scissors. Play them as single shots or custom defined arpeggiations. The sewing machines are tempo-synched.
Soundiron Mimi Page Light and Shadow KONTAKT
Size File: 4.75 GB

Mimi Page Light & Shadow is the perfect hybrid of soft, angelic female solo vocals and lush, ethereal atmospheric sound design with a hint of soprano and a light feather of the singer-songwriter Mimi Page. This collection, created for composers and sound engineers of films and games, includes a full range of color articulations, melodic phrases and elegantly designed cinematic effects, stages and atmospheric elements.